Prospective Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Dr. Harris and the lab are always on the look out for bright energetic undergraduate students who are interesting in learning more about research methodology in developmental psychology, especially with a focus on cognitive development. Undergraduate research assistants are involved in a variety of lab activities ranging from coding parent child interaction data, assisting with subject recruitment, and collecting data and data entry. Junior and seniors are encouraged to design their independent research projects through such mechanisms as the Summer Scholars Award, and other funding /support opportunities. Undergraduate researchers are encouraged to serve as co-presenters at National and International Conferences. Visit for additional information.

Graduate Students  

  • Dr. Harris is highly interested in recruiting graduate students who have an interest in conducting research on parents and children from diverse family backgrounds exploring issues of  cognitive development, health, and parental incarceration. Graduate students work closely with Dr. Harris on many of the projects, and are responsible for supervising undergraduates in the lab, analyzing data, and assisting in preparing manuscripts and grants.  Many of the  graduate students in the lab serve as co-authors or lead authors on articles, grants and conference presentations. Please visit for general information about graduate school at Miami University.