Manuals Produced by the Lab

  • Hung, A,. & Harris, Y.R. (June, 2013). How to Manage Your Sickle Cell Disease. Coping, Mental Health and Stress Strategies. Pamphlet for Adolescents with SCD for Dayton Sickle Cell Clinic at Dayton’s’ Children’s Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio
  • Harris, Y.R., (January 2013). Distressing the Stress in Your Life. Manual for Parents Participating in Cincinnati Ohio’s Core Change Program
  • Harris Y. R., Asher, S., Douhit A., Kurtkoti, A., Matteson, D., Whitaker, J., & Wiggins, E.   (December 2013) Going Home: Making Your Transition Back to Parenting.  Manual for Parents Leaving River City Detention Center 
  • Harris, Y. R (September, 2012). Working on Your Parenting Skills. Manual for attendees of the Urban League’s REXXO Program. 
  • Harris, Y. R. (June 2009). Camp Determination. Manual for Counselors and Parents of children attending Camp Determination.
  • Harris, Y. R,  Walker, R. D., & Oates, S.  (2000). Measuring Social Influences on Preschool Cognitive Development (Tech. Rep. No. 1).  Oxford, Ohio:  Miami University, Center for Human Development Learning and Technology.